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Edo van Houten, 52

In my youth I was a gymnast and coach. Gymnastic is the most difficult sport and requires strength, flexibility, coordination, trust in your coach, ability to adjust and change, discipline, focus, short-mid-long term plan, hard work, fun.


I keep an eye to finance in a balanced way, like my sporters and I did on the horizontal bar.

Male athlete performing difficult exerci

My expertise.

Prepare for and deliver on Exit. Fundraising. Debt financing. Managing teams up to 50. ERP and BI implementation. HR management. Strategy and operational plans. Business and earning models. Cash management. Cost saving programs. Contingency plan. M&A. Carve-out. IPO. Turnaround management. Agile project management. Works council. Due diligences. Employee share plan. IFRS. Order to cash. Procure to pay. Project management and control. Planning and control. Forecasting. Working capital improvement. Risk management. Lean production. International expansion. Audits and annual report. Tax agenda.

My style.

Driven by values and integrity. On top of business. Lead by example. Team orientated leader. Ability to prioritize. Quickly build confidence. Hands-on. Effectively managing and coaching teams, up or down. Result driven. Open and direct. Quickly establish credibility. Strong communication skills. Helicopter view. Decision making also if unpopular. Visible in all layers. Drive to continuously improve. Empathy. Business driven.

Team up with.

Shareholders. Investors. Supervisory board members. Audit committee. Auditors. Fiscal advisors. Lawyers. Government. Subsidy advisors. Bankers. Transaction advisors. Management. Employees. Customers. Suppliers. Trade unions.


Start-ups. Scale-ups. Mid-sized. Multinational. Modest and fast growth. Down-sizing. Buy. Build. Production. R&D. Innovation. Services. High tech. Pharma. Chemicals. CRO. Water, MedTech. FMCG. Media. Investment firms.

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