“...During his 2 years presence Edo made the company more sustainable by his result driven leadership, his values and integrity, leading by example, open communication, and quickly building a relationship of confidence with the company's financiers. In that period Edo has proven to be an excellent generalist...”

“...After the leaving of the CEO and COO, Edo showed successful leadership to the firm through this intens period. Edo showed strong commitment to the company and its shareholders, and is a very integer inspiring yet critical sparring partner...”

“...Edo managed the full financial operation of this start-up. He demonstrated a hands-on mentality, easily combining both strategic and tactical tasks. Edo has a high ethical standard and trustworthy attitude and works both independently and as a team player...”

“...Edo provided order in a turbulent finance department which was in full reconstruction after an intense merger process. Clear lines and targets, open communication, successful finalization...”

“...Edo did a great job while at Avantium, I would strongly recommend him to any employer or management team looking to strengthen their finance...”

“...Edo's critical way of thinking forces the management to look at their business activities from another point of view...”

Marcel Schipper, CTO VWE

Thomas Casdagli, Partner MVM

Walter Blom, CFO Ziggo

Niels Baas, CEO NLZiet

Joost Sars, Partner at Nordian Capital

Theo Sonnenberg, Non-executive chairman Kipp & Zonen

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